ZIEGFELD ENTERPRISE PR und Event Hamburg, Public Relations, Konzeption
Beratung, Event und Konzeption, Event Planung Hamburg, Strategie
PR and Event from a hand, from a casting.
Ziegfeld Enterprise GmbH is a Hamburg-based PR and event agency. We specialise in media work, public relations and orchestrating all kinds of events, ranging from the intimate to the large-scale. But our fundamental philosophy and work ethos goes even deeper. We attach great importance to integrated communication: we examine our clients' value added and target groups; we consider all possible marketing tools and instruments, from those the client already uses to those the client would like to use and those we believe should be used. We coordinate everything to create highly visible, concerted campaigns that generate communications efficiencies and value. Networking is the keyword. Applied to public relations and event management, networking means that we are constantly thinking beyond the box in all the campaigns and events we develop. In our public relations services we keep an eye on any possible events that could be tied in, while our events are specifically planned to generate maximum PR value. This level of interaction is a key component of our services, ensuring that our clients benefit from an enhanced level of sustained visibility, both internally and externally. Ziegfeld Enterprise offers PR and event management; these two strands permeate everything we do, and we believe in developing to the two in unison. We're a true PR and event agency with effective ideas that work - not just on paper.