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Our office is situated in the heart of Hamburg in the district of Ottensen.
Our office is situated at the heart of the Hamburg district of Ottensen in the Altona area because we're a lively, dynamic agency and we feel that we belong here. The district is lovingly and accurately portrayed in the "Ottensen Chronicle" published by the Ottensen Society:

"The city of Hamburg is divided into 104 districts. One of them is Ottensen. It is located in the west part of the city, precisely 9 minutes by train from the city centre. (…) Ottensen is far from being Hamburg's largest district. It is not its most well known; it isn't its most attractive; it certainly isn't its most modern district and neither is it the most elegant district in the city. But most people will agree: Ottensen is Hamburg’s liveliest district. Some say it's the most tolerant. Some curse it as the easiest district to get lost in. It occasionally gets called a pocket-sized small town. Or Hamburg's most rebellious district."

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